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Registering for Red Tide allows you to experience our team training environment, social network and coaching style. We want to help you make an informed decision about whether it's the right fit for you. Finding a swimming pool in NYC is hard enough, if you are going to pay a premium to swim, why not swim with us? And receive coaching and a community. 


A Red Tide Annual Membership card is required for you to join our team and have access to member's exclusive swim pass pricing, competitive events, Open Water Team training, social events and more...



Individual USMS Member Registration 
Club Red Tide

USMS Gold.png
  • If you are already a current USMS member, skip to Step 2.

  • Membership with USMS is mandatory and must be renewed yearly. There are two membership levels, the base membership cost is $70.

  • You will need to present your current USMS card and number in order to belong to our Team and purchase your Annual Red Tide Membership Dues (in the members only area 

  • Simply fill out the online registration form and make your payment via secure web interface. Don’t forget to bring a print out of the USMS card to practice.

  • Please note: it is VERY important that you use the proper USMS club code when filling out the USMS application. The club code for Red Tide is REDT.



Red Tide 2024 Annual Membership Dues

Buy Your 2024 Red Tide

Annual Membership

This is a required Annual Membership Fee to join Red Tide yearly. The annual RT dues help our team cover our non-pool rental expenses, it helps keep you in the loop with our informative and inspirational Coaches Corner newsletter, WhatsApp Chat Group, and keeps you up-to-date with our open water and social event gatherings. 


New Red Tide

Member Information Form

Come back and complete this section AFTER you purchase your RT Membership in Step 2.


Finalize Registration 

In the next step you will be ask to verify your account, enter your email address, which will serve as your
member username and then create a unique password.


**If you use Gmail as your email address, you will be asked to sign in using "Google" for your membership login credentials.

Want to try our team OR Drop in?

Are you participating in the January 2024 free USMS Trial Practice? Click here to learn more and review the information. Please complete the USMS Trial Membership Form
which includes the USMS insurance
liability waiver

Just visiting? If you do not have a USMS Membership and you are choosing a Free Trial Pass OR a Red Tide Drop-in Swim Pass;

Please fill out the USMS Liability Waiver and bring a copy to your swim practice or email to 

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