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Brains, Brawn & Speed: Red Tide Trivia Relay Fundraiser

Swim on December 2 and Change Lives

Register for the Relay.

1. Go to the Registration Button at the top of this page and sign up for the relay. Swimmers at all levels — of trivia and swim prowess — are welcome. No need to form a team yourself; entrants will be evenly distributed among teams by Head Coach Rob.

You can still raise funds for Red Tide and Rising Tide Effect even if you are not able to participate on December 2.


Start Raisings Donations.

1. Check out our Give Lively page which we have set up to collect donations that directly link to our team treasury and will be available to Red Tide and our non-profit partner Rising Tide Effect as soon as the event concludes. 

2. From the Give Lively page you will have the option to donate directly to Red Tide or — easily — OR create your own donation page which you can share on social media.

3. To create you own donation page, scroll to the link "I Want to Fundraise For This." 


While there’s no fundraising requirement, we’re challenging each swimmer to raise $300 (or more!) for these worthy causes. 


You’re not going to want to miss this event! Sign up now and get your friends to invest. It’s tax deductible and you might even end up a winner—or a TikTok star (@swimredtidenyc).


Who participates?

Our Red Tide Team: Set aside this day for a unique swim event.


Swimmers will be placed on a relay team to compete for the prize in a series of push-offs and puzzles. Swimming and Trivia have never been done like this before.


This truly one-of-a-kind event is a first in both Masters Swimming and the NYC Trivia scene. Come be a part of history and support the team we love, Red Tide, and a charity that teaches water skills safety to adults, families, and kids in underserved communities in New York.

What it is?

You’ll swim. Your relay team will answer trivia questions at lightning speed. You’ll laugh. And you’ll raise funds for two great organizations: Red Tide and Rising Tide Effect. 

Who Benefits?

The money you raise by getting sponsors for this unique challenge can change lives.


It will teach people the joy of swimming and help prevent drownings. Money raised will help fund the Rising Tide Effect, a non-profit that teaches swimming and water safety to New York’s at-risk and underserved populations. At Rockaway Beach, for instance, the average age of a drowning victim is 16. 


The Rising Tide Effect has programs that help change those numbers, and also brings swim education to adults as well as people in families experiencing homelessness.

Find out more at Rising Tide Effect

The money you raise will also help keep adult swim opportunities going in New York. Funds raised will also go to Red Tide, a non-profit whose mission for the past 35 years has been to provide expert swimming instruction to adult New Yorkers. As you know, Red Tide promotes fitness, health, competition and community for swimmers of all backgrounds and abilities.


Unfortunately, rising costs and scarce pool access are making it ever harder for us fulfill our mission and keep our services affordable. Funds raised through this even will help us secure operations for another year.

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